Sunday, June 03, 2007

"Vote early and vote often"

I've been merrily nominating all sorts of sites for all sorts of categories (even my own! after all, if I don't, no-one else probably will...)

Feel free to do the same
, you have until Tuesday 9pm, after which it moves into the voting phase.

(Hat tip to Liz for the cartoon creator link)

(It was Al Capone, who said Vote Early, Vote Often, as well as alluded to by some Leeds Labour Councillors...)


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Deli, how do you get these adverts for the blogpower awards on to your site? [Please explain non-technically, if you have time to explain at all!]

Ian Appleby said...

Top job, that. Mind if I have one?

James Higham said...

Great stuff, Ian - check my left sidebar.

Welshcakes - the way people like Ian and Ian and TD and you have come to the party is awe-inspiring.

This is how you do it. Set up two windows with your blog simultaneously.

Make one of them go to Ian's url here. Make the otehr one go to Create Post on your own site.

OK - shamelessly steal Ian's banner by copy and paste, then open it in Paint and get the size as you want it for your sidebar. Careful - don't do it more than once because the colours 'run'.

Once you're happy, save and get out of Paint.

Now upload this photo as you would normally to a post. Get the blogpower url and embed it in the picture as you'd do any link.

Go into the html function on your post and copy the html for the picture. Paste it to Word for safety and save under some name.

OK, look at your own sidebar and any photo in there. Remember this and now go to Layout in Manage Posts and then to Edit html.

Find an example of where that photo was in your sidebar and copy the whole 'phrase' and paste on your page where you saved Ian's pic's html.

Replace the screed with your own in the top part and then replace the html already there with the html for Ian's pic.

Now the danger part. Go to the template and paste this whole phrase over the other one you copied from the template.

You've now replaced it with Ian's.

Now go down to Preview - don't save changes. Watch a new window come up and look if it's OK in the sidebar.

If not and if it's all skewed, go back to the phrase and copy the whole thing to an e-mail to me.

Hit the button Clear Edits, get out of the template and send me the e-mail.

However, if you were satisfied with the banner, then Save Template changes.

James Higham said...

Actually, I'm assuming you don't mind losing the original pic. If you don't wish to lose it, [I only suggested that for alignment purposes] then when you paste the phrase into the template, don't ppaste it over the over html but between.

Shades said...

Welshcakes, here is the code. Change the regular brackets to angled ones (above the comma and full stop) for it to work- I had to change them here or it would have just shown the pictures!

You can change the width to whatever you like. If you are using blogger templates, you can drop it into an HTML box (not a picture box or you won't get the click-through).

(a href="")(img border="0" alt="Blogpower dummies" width="220" src="

(a href="")(img border="0" alt="Blogpower Nominations" width="220" src="

Shades said...

Ian, feel free to use the logos, I lifted the other one from Jame's Blog anyway. Glad you like it, slightly tongue in cheek with the speech bubble!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

James and Deli, Ok, I will have a go at putting it on tomorrow. Thanks. I can't find "paint" on my computer, though. [I know! I know!]

Shades said...

Search for "paint". The file is mspaint.exe on XP. (I think it was just paint.exe on 2000 and earlier, but I could be wrong).

ThunderDragon said...

Any easy way I have found to resize images and keep them looking good is to use photobucket and their resizing tools. It only has limited sizings, but it makes it far easier and more effective than doing it in paint, which is the only other image software I have and isn't much cop at image resizing.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Many thanks but I must be super-thick because I just can't get it onto my blog, not even in a post.

Shades said...

Welshcakes, at the very least, upload it like you do a picture but use the URL on the web box rather than the browse on your computer box. The URl can be found by clicking on the picture in this post. (All other versions click through to Blogpower).

There is also now a nominee logo for you to fail to put up as well!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Thanks, Deli. I'm good at failing this week!