Friday, June 29, 2007

Bum fluff

Two weeks since I shaved my head for charity and it is rapidly growing back, at least in the places where I still had hair! It is a lot finer at the temples and top, a Number 1 everywhere else, "a typical Copper" according to BloggerWife.

Going bald certainly draws your attention to everyone else's haircut, I never quite noticed how many blokes have a similar cut & a bit of a beard to distract from the shame of early/late/any onset MPB*.

It was interesting how the smoothness rapidly became the feel of velcro, then fuzzy felt, then satin velvet. Even with two weeks growth I can still feel the heat of the giant plasma screens at work, or the cold air in a draught.

I raised £402.77 by the way and did a bit of Diabetes Awareness in the process. I'm just waiting for a Company Cheque to send it off.

*Male Pattern Baldness.

1 comment:

james higham said... distract from the shame...

There's absolutely no shame - I've done vastly better with the ladies since the "recession" of hair. You will too with that cut. Blogwife beware.