Thursday, June 07, 2007

Blogpower nominees-

You are welcome to use these logos until something better comes along.

A virtual Pint (or a glass of wine) for the first person to recognise the original image elsewhere on my Blog!

UPDATE- Yikes! I just noticed our trusty metalhead faces to the right. Metal Henry here did as well originally and I reversed him.

I feel a bit of a plonker now...

(At least it doesn't look like Lisa Simpson!) ;->


Gracchi said...

Brilliant I'll put one of them up when I have the time- thanks for doing it :)

James Higham said...

I think I commented on the wrong post but brilliant, Ian. Now, in all fairness, we need to look at Thunderdragon's too, should he have one and maybe we could offer both variants, as happens on many sites.

The only problem with that is that some will choose yours and some Chris' and it could look like two camps. Politics always intrudes. As for running both, I haven't the sidebar space. I need one only.

We need the categories "Blogpower Nominated", "Top Nominee", "Category Winner" and "Highly Placed" [the latter covers many contingencies].

Top work!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ian - we've been more than happy to steal the fruits of your labours and stick them up on site!

Shades said...

"Help yourselves Guys, they don't cost nothin..." (Jon Belushi, Animal House)

I know that Thunderdragon is much more talented than myself in the graphics stakes, I just wanted to fill a vacuum.

ThunderDragon said...

I have published my design [and yours] here.

Shades said...

Now up on my sidebar, Thunderdragon.

Surprised to not see the armour in it, although it doesn't fit in as well with Blogpower as Defending the Blog, so I shouldn't be so surprised really.

I would suggest your certificate style is more appropriate for the actual winners.

Has anyone worked out what the purple bit is for on my logo?

Crushed said...

Nice design, Ian.

It will be a proud addition to the blogs concerned.