Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday flashback

Every now and then, a cracking song comes along that is just a smidge away from being a real classic.

When the Look performed this in 1981, I gave it 8/10 for the playout spiral on the Single.

When Men without Hats did this in 1983, I gave it 8/10 for oddity.

When Nick Kershaw this song back in 1984, I gave it an 9/10 for catchiness.


Realpolitik said...

Yes, we had that Look single in our house too.

I have heard that M's Pop Muzik had a double groove at the end so it had two endings but I have never heard it myself - my copy is a re-release from the late 80s which doesn't have it.

Delicolor said...

I don't recall Pop Muzik having two endings and I don't quite see how it could be done mechanically. I remember Monty pythons matching tie and handkerchief had two seperate tracks on the same side though.