Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Blogpower Awards (and a bit of trivia)

Regulars have probably wised up now that there is some sort of quirky online awards ceremony going on and I have made the shortlist on a couple of categories.

I am delighted by this, and just getting into the top ten is indeed an honour. (A big thanks to whoever nominated me, I'll buy you a virtual Pint...)

The first one
is for Best Blogpower Blog or Column. There are others in the list that are superior in various ways, whether topic depth, consistent style or intellectual superiority. I like to think, though, that I'm a well rounded blogger (especially in person, but that's another matter). My topics are many and varied but I don't generally post on topics I don't have a thought-through opinion on. (Some people who do qualify for the unintentional hilarious posting category!) I also like to inject a bit of humour along the way, whether anecdote, irrelevance or parody.

I also steer away from work related matters as there be dragons. (I have checked if the Company has a staff blogging policy and surprisingly the answer is no; however the employment Ts & Cs cover it appropriately enough). I think I will start to talk a bit more about work stories, but from at least a decade ago to protect the guilty!

The second one
is for Best Blog name. I have to say that to me, Shades of Grey is over-familiar. The original idea wasn't even mine- it was suggested to me from someone in Coventry 18+ in the late 70's as a good alternative name for my Mobile Disco. (It was called "Fantasy Disco", as you asked).

If you think I'm worthy of these awards, I'd be delighted if you would vote for me Here (Blogpower) and/or HERE (Name).

Even if you don't rate me enough to do that, it is well worth checking out the other blogs, you may be pleasantly surprised and decide to vote for someone.

You can also see how it is going at the same places, click on VIEW RESULTS under the vote button.

You can vote at least once a day and can vote for multiple candidates each time.

SNEAKY HINTS: If someone you don't think deserves to win is doing very well, you could vote tactically, e.g. each alternate vote, choose all but the ones you don't want. You could also vote from work and home as the polling system keeps track of your IP address.



youdontknowme said...

good suggestions only my college blocks after they caught me on it too often.

Anyway it looks like we are facing eachother in atleast one category. good luck!

Delicolor said...

YDKM, another problem from work (or college) is that quite often the way the Firewall is set up means that the same IP address is used for everyone, so you can't get our mates to vote for you.

thebestnewsfirst said...

I dont know why you would be surprised about being nominated for the name Shades of Grey as its a great blog name. I voted for it. Good luck in the polls!

Delicolor said...

Cheers. It wouldn't work so well if I was called Higginbotham though!