Monday, June 04, 2007

An Englishman's home...

Goodrich Castle near Ross on Wye in Herefordshire is a worthy visit. Run by English Heritage, an imaginative audio guide takes you round and paints a rich verbal history of what it was (probably) like. Although somewhat ruined (ironically by Roaring Meg, the Cannon that now stands in the courtyard) enough remains to grasp how it evolved and was used.

As ever, the postcards and web turn up better images, but here are a few I took.

The approach to the Barbican. It was originally guarded by a drawbridge, two Portcullises and barricated doors, as well as arrow slits and murder holes.

The Courtyard, facing the Keep (which is a much older vintage than the towers.

The ramparts from the moat.

Ancient Monument advice.

A contemporary (1992) window in the Chapel, celebrating an RAF Radar unit.

The other window, for the Millennium, the one that can be seen to the left of the barbican entrance. I particularly like the colours cast onto the stone by the bright sunlight.


Crushed said...

Worth a visit, Goodrich.

May I recommened Eastnor in the same area,if you've not already ben.

Shades said...

CBI, the other two get Castled out much more quickly than me.

I've not been to Eastnor. I'll bear it in mind though, next time we are down that way.