Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Google moves the mapping goalposts

Google have mapped five American cities right down to street level. The five are downtown New York, San francisco, Denver, Las Vegas and Miami.

You ran read about it at The First Post, my refreshing daily online read.

I may never make it to Denver, but at least I can take a virtual walk outside.. (Click on street view and drag the little yellow man over to the red A splodge.)

It is very similar to the Newcastle Paramount, hence the fascination.

(Image from the Rocky Mountain chapter of the American theatre Organ Society).


james higham said...

The question is - do you want to walk in the downtown?

Delicolor said...

No, but I'd like to visit the theatre.

I could always get a cab...

J said...

A Great selection of interesting, unique, or just plain strange Street View Links:


Delicolor said...

That is a lot of links Mapmole has.