Saturday, June 09, 2007

A Skoda? Give over!

Last week, a near-diplomatic incident occurred with the Czech republic.

It started when the Norfolk Blogger praised his new car. Uber-Blogger Iain Dale immediately retaliated by accusing him of being middle aged. It was then pointed out that he was rather out of touch, Kids of today thought they were cool and his expensive new Audi was from the same Company!

Anyway, let me set the record straight- I'm on my fourth Skoda and Karen on her First.
We have had two Felicias, two Octavias and a Fabia. I've been happy with all of them and don't regret the choice.

Having said that, they let me have a Favorit as a loan car once and it was Cak.

They were all called Betsy, as indeed have been all of my cars since 1980, apart from a Renault 5 that was renamed "Twat", inspired by the "what's yours called?" slogan and a particularly big bill for a steering rack that would have been 20% of the price if I'd bought something from the Dagenham Dustbin instead).

(Blog title from Austin Ambassador "Y" Reg, by John Huttleworth)


Liz said...

I'm sorry about the problem you have with commenting on my blog, Ian. Do you get an ActiveX question box when you visit my blog? I seem to be of the only two people who do and it is driving me crazy. Husband did an update last sunday; is your problem since then?

Norfolk Blogger said...

I'm pleased I am not alone in liking my Skoda.

Delicolor said...

It helps that it has a heated rear windscreen, keeps your hands warm when you need to push it.

(Bud dum- tiiiisssshhhh)

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Oh, I like people who name their cars! I name my fridges, myself.

Delicolor said...

What would call a Fridge? David says he would call if Fred the Fridge.

I'd probably call it Chilly Willie.

james higham said...

...We have had two Felicias, two Octavias and a Fabia. I've been happy with all of them and don't regret the choice...

What? All at the same time?

Delicolor said...

James, you know what I was saying. This is over the last twelve years or so. (I did high mileage on the first three as I was self-employed at the time).

We have two at the moment, Betsy 1 and Betsy 2.