Friday, June 29, 2007

Recommended Album

Blogger Havering On has a great puff for Dan Fogelberg that got me thinking about my own select list of classic albums. My own recommendation for June is No more fear of flying by Gary Brooker.

Released back in 1979, GB is the immediately recognisable voice of Procul Harum and this was his first (& arguably best) solo album. It is a great mix of styles and I love it as a car CD. It isn't too easy to categorise but the Amazon reviewers paint a good picture (and all rated it five stars). My favourite track is "Old Manhattan melodies", the sort of song you have to listen to all the way through as a complete whole from opening note to closing chord. Close second is "Pilot" and "Angelina" was covered by others being a mellow version of Mambo number 5 in its sentiment. Honorable mention must also go to "Say it ain't so Joe."

Buy it! You know you want to...


Richard Havers said...

Cheers for the mention Ian.

I see you are a Dean Friedman fan, Don't know if you know this but there's a new series of six shows hosted by Mr.F strating on BBC Radio Scotland next week.

Shades said...

I knew they were on, but not exactly when.