Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Exclusive footage...

The blogpower awards ceremony rehearsal. It could have gone a bit better, but it'll be alright on the night, we hope...

Hat tip the Splund, as mentioned by Tom Paine.

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Tom Paine said...

Thanks for posting that. I had seen it but lost it again!

I am asking all the Blogpower bloggers to publicise the July 1st Blogpower Awards ceremony (1400 London time) on their blogs. I have a sidebar item on mine with a link to the venue in Second Life. You have been doing sterling work, but could you do something similar please, or put up a post this week encouraging people to go?

The SLURL (Second Life URL) which will take people directly to the event is available at my site to cut and paste

There are pictures at my blog as follows - you can link to them or download them from there.




Please help to make this novel event a success!


Tom Paine