Friday, June 08, 2007

Can I have my bits back please?

Reading Blogpowerer Imagined Community's post about child beating and what inspired it, I came across the word "Infiburation" that I hadn't heard before. (It refers to the dark ages practise of doing cruel and unnecessary things to small girls based on cultural &/or religious tradition).

I regard imposed genital mutilation as barbaric, even male circumcision. I'm all for freedom of choice for people to do things to their own body that make no real sense to me, like having tattoos, nose rings and the like, (the Hitch has some bizarre photos on his shockblog) but it is not for Parents to choose on such things.

You don't own your children, you just lease them. When you leave a flat you have to make good or make reparation, however a victim of mutilation can never have the missing bits of her fanny back.

On a lighter note, I'm hoping to score a (brief) Googlewhack with this post by including the word Telescope. You can check HERE.


Ian Appleby said...

just seen this, thanks for the plug. i should point out i wasn't seriously claiming that beating children is an integral part of the christian faith, it was more an attempt to shoot down a similar argument being made about fgm. i share your views on male circumcision, as well.

incidentally, have you kept the lens cap for your telescope...

Shades said...

I have met Irishmen who reckon that beating children was an integral part of church school!

I've never had a telescope, although I have owned a pair of Binoculars.