Saturday, June 02, 2007


Being sponsored by the Guardian, you'd expect a bit of planet saving at Hay on Wye.

Here is a bit- Sky's minimum carbon footprint house (& they don't mean live in a tent!)

The writing is on the wall, or ratrher, the mirror. The message is- take a look at yourself.

Lots of handy hints & tips from nanny.

A combined mulcher and worm colony!

A kettle that only boils as much water as you need- you pump a cupful to the element.

These balls go in your dryer & help the process. (Of course, a washing line and airer are much better approaches)

There they are- the eco-balls. Own up; you thought the article title was an opinion, not a product! (Well, it turns out to be both!)


The Splund said...

the Splund's mother has a worm-powered composting mechanism, and great fun it is too..

Delicolor said...

The Splund, do seem to make it fairly straight-forward. Round our way though, the feral cats & birds would work out how to open it and have a party!

Realpolitik said...

I've always felt that tumble dryers are a terrible waste of energy.

Surely the kettle is an example of a complicated solution to a simple problem. I wonder how much energy and plastic is used making them!!

Delicolor said...

Realpolitik, on the button. We used to have a washer/dryer that we would only dry with if we needed something in a hurry. When it came to the end of its life we just bought an ordinary washer.

Dishwashers are also big energy gobblers.

Sky were making a big thing of how much energy would be saved if people put their sky boxes on standby at night. Then everyone else says don't use standby!

(Of course, your telly doesn't need to turn itself on to record stuff).

Liz said...

Daughter is buying one of those kettles. Not convinced myself.

Delicolor said...

Some things are nice in a kettle, like being cordless. Having blue lights in seemed a bit silly to me until you realise that you can glance across the room and see whetehr you did actually switch it on after filling it. (Senior moment thing!)