Sunday, June 24, 2007

On the road again, naturally

In the Sunday papers, there are numerous adverts for all sorts of turns, some big, some trying to make a comeback.

Last week, a minor tour by 70s oddball Gilbert O' Sullivan appeared.

I first recall him being on the telly dressed in schoolboy shorts, pudding basin haircut and flat cap, generally playing slightly maudlin songs vamped on an upright piano. His voice was nothing special and he always sang with the use of a Copicat, a simple multi-head unit that used a tape loop to give a simple harmony effect. (I knew all about them because my mate Stew's mum had one for club singing).

I didn't find the music particularly good at the time, but warmed to him during my year in Saudi, when one of his songs featured on one of my favourite so-called "Heavy Slow" compilation cassettes. I would never have described him as "Heavy" but to the Arabs who pirated the tapes, they probably neither knew or cared.

Gilbert re-launched himself after a couple of years, changing to woolly jumpers and a more sensible haircut. Howeevr, he never quite reached the heady heights of the early 70s.

He is still going with a loyal fanbase and will be touring in the Autumn. I don't think I'll be dragging myself up to York though.

This is my favourite song of his, sans cloth cap I'm afraid.


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paulj said...

I seem to recall Mr O'Sullivan had a club hit in the early nineties by releasing a "white label" 12" under the name GoSs. The DJs loved it without relalising it was him.

A group called the Alarm,never greatly popular, did the same trick the other year and had a chart hit!

Seems image is everything...

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I remember that!

Delicolor said...

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Paulj, Image isn't everything, style is. It must be true, it is painted on the window of a Fountain Street hairstylist who manages to spell his name two different ways on the signwriting, something not very stylish.