Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In the virtual doghouse

I'm in the doghouse again, as I managed to scrape Karen's car this morning. (Call that a Scrape? It is more like a bloody gouge! now Grovel!) Anyway, I went to a virtual doghouse in second life, as there wasn't anyone around Blogpower hall. The dogs are sweet, but $1,500 each. (LastDitch has a cat). You could get dinky dogs in a bag for $300, but I gather they are for Celebrity WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends).
I did nip over to Brighton Pier to have a look.

Whilst I was there, I got buzzed by a Seagull. Nothing changes!

If the Blogpower awards are a big success, this will make a good venue for next year- The Hollywood Bowl.


Colin Campbell said...

I saw you briefly at Tom's mansion this morning. I tried to say hello, but you buggered off. I also tried to offer friendship, but you rejected me.

Boo Hoo I am all lonely now.

Luckily Tom showed up from Warsaw and took me for a ride on his Air Ship. Then we went to the vendor and bought the biggest one in SL. He is considering hosting the event in this apparatus instead. He even negotiated a substantial disount. No wonder he has such fancy digs.

Hope to see you next time.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Well, I,ve set up an account as Welshcakes Rossini [cos I always wanted an Ital surname] and I was just about to play when I got funny messages about my computer's video card or somethig. [Equivalent of your brush with a seagull! - Inevitable!] But Tom and Ian are on the case now. Just so you know I'm trying! Sorry about the scratched car, btw.

Delicolor said...

We'll see you in another place soon, Welshcakes. It seems you have an airship named after you...

Jocko, I've invited you to be my friend so you can reciprocate the rejection!

Realpolitik said...

Have you been "caged" yet? Somebody comes along with a gun that fires cages and imprisons you. It's very annoying.

I bought a Dalek in it. Unfortunately it uses a lot of prims so it was difficult to leave on my property but it was fun wandering around in it as a costume. Here I am visting Santa Claus

Delicolor said...

I haven't been caged, but there again, I don't go out much.

What does a Dalek ask Santa to give him for Christmas? World Domination?