Sunday, April 15, 2007

A trip to north Lincolnshire

Today we went here.
It had fairground style rides,

Tommy Tinkaboo's Sweet adventure, a water based cute dark ride with an annoyingly upbeat catchy tune,

A sea lion show,

A parrot show, where one of the performers decided to ad-lib and sit on Spongebob Squarepants in the front row,

Karen's favourite, A parachute drop ride...

With 6 drops, 2 missing and 2 not being used- big queue!

A mine train,

A variant on the Rotor (stick to the wall like flies)

The falls of fear- (Fear that you might have gone down that disconnected tube!)

My favourite- the Boomerang, a classic Vekoma ride. Pulled up one of the towers, then thunder through the inversions, followed by the same backwards.

A leisurely paddle boat ride on the lake,

David's favourite- the cycle monorail.

This is Alakazam and it is rather evil! Look at the riding position, reminiscent of Air at Alton Towers...

...but it does this and pulls lots of Gs. I came off dizzy!

It was a glorious day and even Cleethorpes looked worth a look on the way back home. (It doesn't on a dull day!)
The staff at Pleasure Island were all very friendly and the food was OK, although the service was a bit ropey.

We also saw a slightly dodgy show called the Musical Time Machine with six energetic singer/dancers. They had over the ear mouth mics- that went behind their heads and over the other ear- no transmitter pack, miming, just for show!


Colin Campbell said...

Fantastic! Those were some of the greatest highlights of my childhood. Partly because my grandparents took us. On the whole, I hate the swirly stuff. It just makes me sick. Fantastic photographs. Our kids have recently started to get pocket money and 40 percent goes in a non openable tin to pay for rides at the Royal Adelaide Show. We will still be broke that week, but it will make a difference.

Delicolor said...

Colin, David has a "non-openable tin"- a bank account that his birthday cheques and the like go into. He hasn't wised up to the fact that it is his money yet!

We love theme parks (especially the really well themed ones like Disney & Universal) but Karen also has a low tolerance of whirl & hurls.
David will often go on really intimidating huge thrill rides- but shy away from ghost trains.

james higham said...

Watch those parrots, Ian - they can get quite ornery and their beaks are sharp.

Delicolor said...

James, fortunately the parrot just perched on him. It was a beautiful red one and it had been flying from the stage through hoops and back again. However, on the third time, it circled the handler then flew out to David, presumably attracted by his Canary Yellow T shirt.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

What a fabulous place. I love these fairgrounds, even now though I, like CC, can't cope with the swirly stuff any more! [The scariest ride I've been on was in Parc Asterix near Paris. After that, I gave up!]

Delicolor said...

Welshcakes, Parc Asterix is on our list to do one day, as we hear that Tonnierre De Zeus is excellent- a CCI Woodie even bigger than Megafobia, the one at Oakwood in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

I know you know where Pembrokeshire is, but not all readers will...