Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Just call me the F.O.B.

Here is my birthday card from my LTLP (Long term life partner, otherwise known as "The Wife")

(It makes a change from being called "You Fat Bastard!")

Here is the personalised cake for her to let rip her creative talents...

(She couldn't think of anything!)

P.S. I'm 49.


Liz said...

Happy Birthday, Ian! A mere youngster!

Did LTP make that cake? It's wowee!

I - well, we, but I chose it - sent a similar card to Younger Son for his birthday. Perhaps I'll post it. I have it on my desk ready to scan as I intended to.

Delicolor said...

Thanks, Liz. The cake was bought at ASDA, but you get to add your own writing from an icing tube.

Bart was made from white chocolate, yummy!

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

A term of endearment, one hopes.
Don't get too drunk tonight...
Mny happy returns.

Delicolor said...

Cheers, CBI. A pleasant bottle of house red with the family meal at the exclusive LIme Bar in Morley- exclusive because we had the upstairs restaurant to ourselves!

Ellee said...

Hey, happy birthday, hope you are having a gret day.

Delicolor said...

Thanks Ellee, I'm enjoying it.

I enjoyed your Toastmaster speeches, by the way. I used to show a toastmaster film (real film, 16mm!) on public speaking in my training days.

Chip Dale said...

Happy birthday, Ian! Drinks are on me.

And I notice that you share the same day with Cheeta, the chimp from the Tarzan movies.

Delicolor said...

Thanks Chip.

I notice Cheetah is 75- or 74 according to the Sun.

He looks older than I feel!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Buon compleanno a bit late, IG! Love the card and the cake. So what are your plans for the next delicade?

Delicolor said...

Welshcakes, you ask about my plans for The next Delicade? (A Delicolor Decade, I assume!)

To massage my Blego, of course!

First of all, I want a big bash for my 50th so I trust all you Blogpowerers will be available for a visit "Oop North" as strangers in a strange land.

Secondly, I need to hone my physicl form so that I am less like Bibendum and more like Chip Dale.

Thirdly, I intend to carry on working, writing and hving a good time.

I'm really looking forward to David buying me a Pint on his eighteenth birthday. I hope it hasn't become a half litre by then!

ThunderDragon said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, Ian!

Don't expect your son to you a pint (or even half litre) though! I still haven't bought my Dad a pint [with my money at least], and I'm 22!

Delicolor said...

Thanks Thunderdragon. It is a turn of phrase, of course, most of the Pints I bought my Dad was with his money anyway!

He liked me to happily take my turn to buy a round for his drinking buddies (Toombsie and Tony Poloni) and he wuld slip me a few quid so that I could afford it. (Sometimes I could, sometimes I couldn't).