Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Evocative Music

When I was at Primary School in the Infants, I used to get picked up to go down to my Grandma Grey's House on Silver Lonnen. I'd be sat down in front of the telly on a small wooden form and given a bowl of soup with some bread. The soup was invariably Tomato or Oxtail.

Back in the 60's the Telly didn'a actually start until late afternoon and if I was in sharp I'd watch the Tyne Tees Television Test Card and listen to the long theme tune (which was a bit like the Radio 4 tune with Geordie songs like The Keel Row and Bobbie Shaftoe.)

Eventually the programmes would start and Robinon Crusoe always seemed to be on. The music takes me straight back to that house. Here is a seven minute YouTube with all the main themes, followed by the opening titles and then a compilation.


James Higham said...

Ian, you're not actually old enough for this, are you, you spring chicken?

Shades said...

James, afraid so. I think it came out in '64 (I was six then) but it must have been repeated for years & years.