Sunday, April 08, 2007

Another country house

Today, we went to Harewood House, north of Leeds, with the promise of a new science attraction. We have previously been Harewood Card holders (annual passes) but like all these things, the novelty wore off with extensive use and we eventually balked at the renewal price.

We gave the house a miss on this occasion and even with basic grounds admission and declining the 10% gift aid deal we didn't get much change from £30.

Passing the house, we headed for the new Yorkshire Planetarium, housed in three geodesic domes...

...but we are disappointed to find that they aren't finished yet. You could go into the middle one to find out about it and the estimated opening is for three weeks time. It looks promising, and their website has a blog that tells some of the challenges they are facing.

We then headed down to the bird garden, which is located behind the stable block.

The courtyard area is part of the cafe with gift shop nearby along with various corporate rooms.

On the way in to the garden, I noticed the zoo license, note the serial number. I saw the Blackppol Tower one too (for the aquarium) but the photo didn't come out for that one! I am saving up various animal photos for another posting.

There is an extensive play area which kept David amused for a while.

On the main lawn, there was the chance to practice circus skills.

Eventually, we began the long walk back to the overflow car park for the trip home.

We will go again to visit the Planetarium, but on a low season day or tied in with a bigger event.


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Yorkshire Planetarium. Must be a joke there somewhere!

Delicolor said...

What about the Leicestershire National Space Centre?

I still associate Leicester with Adrian Mole and Doreen Slater.