Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday/Saturday night live

I loved that show, I used to watch it religiously during the 80s, live if I was a dirty stopin, or I'd set the V2000 video recorder and watch it when I got back.

It has been released on DVD and I was expecting it any day. However, I just checked "where's my stuff?" and it was wrapped up with some other orders that won't go for a few weeks yet. (Now remedied!)

Here are some snippets from Saturday night live:


james higham said...

Ian, what do you call that thing in your header beneath the header? Is it strapline or tagline or whatever? Well, I like yours.

Delicolor said...

James, it is a strapline, but I tend to call it the irony line.

Andy said...

I never saw this programme at all.

I used to be out at weekends - trying desperately to look like that bloke out of "Miami Vice", drinking too much "Reassuringly Expensive" Stella Artois and "birdin' it" as the quaint old saying went.

And I couldn't set a video recorder to save my life.

The programme is real dated but pretty darned good from what I can see of the DVD release. Love all the subversive 80s humour. Wish there was more now.

I left school in 1981 and things are pretty blurred after that - courtesy of Madame Stella Artois and the fact that I was a teen/twenty-something gadabout.

But I recently discovered a load of 80s newspapers and mags in the loft so I've been piecing the decade together in a way the BBC seemed to find impossible -

Weird times, often very ugly, but far from JUST being greedy.

Delicolor said...

This painting of the 80s as selfish and greedy is a broad brush of derogatory folk lore by Thatcher haters. Truth be told, people just got on with their lives and we were well rid of the union driven tyrrany in the 70s.