Monday, April 16, 2007

Heavy Bluegrass

A decade ago, I saw a novelty Australian Bluegrass Band in Galway. They were from Oz and were called Sensitive New Age Cowpersons.

From the festival website:

Four Australian cowpokes who suffuse bluegrass,country and other types of roots music with solid dollops of wit and japery, the Sensitive New Age Cowpersons skewer all the cliches of country while cooking up a sizzling dish of red-hot bluegrass. They sing the most unlikely songs in the most inappropriate styles and, thanks to brilliant musicianship and comic genius, pull it off every time. They cover everything from AC/DC to Elvis to Hendrix and offer up their own post-modern, ideologically sound country songs too.

They did a great set and at one point even riffed along to some mobile phone interference breaking through on the PA.

I must have overly waxed lyrical about it because Karen recently bought me Hayseed Dixie-Let there be Rockgrass. for my Birthday. (You can hear a couple of tracks here).

Sorry Hayseeds, SNAC were better...

(If you've got itunes, click here to visit the Australian itunes store and hear 30 second snippets from their "other people's greatest hits" album.


Anonymous said...

This sounds my sort of music too, I shall check out the soundbites.

Shades said...

Ellee, it is a bit of fun, although something of a novelty.

A bluegrass version of "Bohemian Rhapsody" was sublime live!