Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth day

I use Google as my Firefox startup page, mainly to show that the broadband is up & the wireless is working when I turn on the computer. Google take pleasure in tweaking their logo to align with events (shamrocks on St. David's day etc.) and I was surprised to see icebergs this morning.

Curious, I thought. These icebergs break the rule of ninths: most of them should be underwater. What are they celebrating, I wondered? the shock news that the snow-capped mountains of Kilimanjaro aren't melting despite the wolf-like cries of the enviro-facists? It couldn't be the sinking of the Titanic, that was April 15th.
Being curious, I clicked the image and it brought up searches for Earth Day.

It seems that earth day is a religious holiday, the day that the high priests of the cult of environmentalism lambast us for breathing. The faithful fast by unplugging their appliances then go out in their Toyota Hybrids and hug trees.

Am I bovvered?

Well, like most normal, non-extreme people who want to get on with their lives without government interference, I want my Son to grow up in a world that provides all the opportunities (& more) that I had. However, the enviro-fascist movement is unpleasantly authoritarian, judgemental and regressive. Having to live in a Yurt and travelling everywhere on a milk float doesn't meet my idea of progress.

I'm extremely skeptical about much of the hot air spouted by the Al Gores of the world, it is a bandwagon that politicians, control freaks and sandal wearers seem delighted to jump onto. Hopefully the wheels are going to come off big-time in a popular backlash some time soon.

We do need to solve some serious energy challenges, of course, as dependency on petro-chemicals is a bad idea for two reasons- pollution and having to pay the despots who have most of the oil. However the answer will be solved by technology rather than returning to the dark ages advocated by the watermelons.

Last week, to my surprise, I was invited to represent our IT department on a senior working group related to green issues and corporate responsibility. My first response was that as I was an envirosceptic, I was probably the least suitable person as I wouldn't buy in to anything that was simply posturing without sound reasons to do it. The reply gave me hope, however. I was advised that such views actually made me the most suitable person, being both pragmatic, sceptic and realistic. We shall see!


Ruthie said...

Answer: the Google icebergs are magical icebergs.

I think most reasonable people think it's a good idea to be good stewards of our natural resources, and not to maliciously destroy nature. But sometimes it goes too far...

When I first moved to Minnesota from New York, the most notable difference was that instead of a Christmas pageant in school, we had an Earth Day pageant.

No joke. And we sang the song "He's got the whole world in His hands," except with the altered lyrics: "You've got the whole world in YOUR hands."

Complete with sign language. It was quite a spectacle.

My mother was tremendously annoyed.

Delicolor said...

Ruthie, I don't get tremendously annoyed, just mildly irritated.

I grew up being told to fear nuclear winter, then told to worry about the impending ice age and the holes in the Ozone layer.

I wish they'd make their minds up, otherwise I might to think for myself and they won't like that.

Anonymous said...

On the iceberg thing. I noticed it as well.
Another point, the reason why the government like scaring us, is the widespread understanding that, when floating ice melts sea levels rise. They see some distressed polar bears, then up goes airport tax.
Try it for yourself, ask people the question. If I was to fill a glass right to the top with ice and water, when the ice melts, what happens.


Delicolor said...

Happsaks, (polar) bear in mind that one of the poles is on land mass (the north, I think) so if they melt the seas will indeed rise. Otherwise, it is Mr. Archimedes.