Tuesday, April 24, 2007

There it was... gone!

One of the more entertaining reads around the political blogosphere was ukiphome.com.
An unofficial site, it did, however, present a more libertarian view of independence, rather than a Tory eurosceptic one. (What Iain dale amusingly called "barking mad").

It also became apparent, however, that the site was in a bit of a political vacuum and many of the ukiphome stuff wasn't on the UKIP site.

Recently, it was suggested that it would be scaling down but not until after the elections. Then suddenly, over the weekend, it was gone. Extinct, bereft of life, it rests in peace.

Checking on the main UKIP site, however, diddly squat, no forums, no mention.

Iain Dale blogged about it and started some rumours. The author, one Chad Noble, has refuted the rumours, but there is a strong smell of fish in the air.

Read the posting & comments HERE.

Another good (Eurosceptic) site has been stagnant for nearly six months now. It seems the Spanish Inquision may have got to the Professor.

UPDATE: UKIPHOME has come over all Clockwork Orange.


Curly said...

Not only was the site a political vacuum, it seems that the minds of some of their candidates were similarly affected. one in South Shields had a remarkably clever idea to boost tourism!

Delicolor said...

Curly, an outdoor ice rink in South Shields? With the rain, the wind, the sand and the occasional warm day, it would have made an excellent sand pie arena and excellent for plodging. But you've got one of those already... Jarrow Slacks.

Chad said...

That smell of fish is Mr Dale. He doesn't wash as often as he should, so I am told ;-)

Delicolor said...

Chad, we'd have to ask someone who has sat on the couch with him on 18 Doughty Street. (A couple of Blogpowerers have, certainly, although I suspect they won't comment).

So, where is this UKIP Forum then?

I quite liked that poster you had up under the logo that I gratuitously embedded but it seems to have gone again.

Chad said...

So, where is this UKIP Forum then?

No idea, it's supposed to be live by the end of the month, and I really couldn't be arsed to chase it up or have to create two graphics with different messages etc. So my graphic will be right soon, I hope!

Although that in itself seems to have bred weird conspiracy theories, but that's politics I guess.

All the images are still there, they haven't been deleted as a few people link to them etc.

However, that fish smell is definitely Mr Dale, if not him directly then his clothing... ;-)

UKIP@HOME said...

Chad's probably going to form or join yet another political party!

Delicolor said...

...and UKIP@HOME will no doubt be keeping an eye on him. Or maybe it would have to be CHAD@HOME if he isn't UKIP any more.