Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Producers

We went to see Peter Kay at Manchester Palace today.

Alighting in Piccadilly Gardens, we were pleased to see they are gardens again, although the grass was fenced off to give it a chance. There was also this tree-like sculpture...

And these rather public Gents toilets! (Saturday specials?)

The show was in Manchester Palace theatre, a very large 1891 two balcony variety house (currently 1998 seats) and the better of the two sisters (paired with the Opera House a short walk away).

I snapped these interval & after-show shots to show the scale of the place. A bit shaky without a tripod but that would have been an invitation to be evicted!

The show was very funny and Peter Kay made some great ad-libs. On being asked if he'd direct the show, he paused and said..."I've just bought an allotment...".

Well recommended and the Springtime for Hitler song & dance routine is cringe makingly hysterical!

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