Monday, March 12, 2007

You Can Call Me Al

As I grow older disgracefully, I seem to be having rather a lot of "senior moments".

This has reached a point where David and Karen will refer to me as "curly hair- brushes his teeth".

Thankfully, the symptoms of Alzheimers are also the symptoms of middle age and I've always been a bit absent minded about things that are unimportant. (I was known as Prof at school and probably not just for my interest in science.)

I have always had a scarily sharp mind for attention to detail, however, it is getting duller as now I find that what used to be immediate insights into something being clear are now just distant quiet feelings of it being not quite right.

I think blogging is cathartic for this, as it is a handy way of putting down memories before they become to distorted by time and faulty recollection.

In the meantime, the family can call me Al...

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