Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Roses and castles- Tea for the Tillerman

We managed to make it to the boat museum at Ellesmere Port the day after the Mayor's ball.

This is devoted to inland waterways and paints a fascinating picture of canal life over the last four hundred years. We learned who Toe-rags were, what Winding was, how horses could cross over the canal without unhitching and how it wasn't just Romans who had Aquaducts. We also had the chance to go on several vintage narrowboats as well as take a short cruise along the Shropshire Union Canal. There was also the chance to have a nice healthy lunch in their Restaurant (with Costa Coffee) and to make a home made string telephone as part of a science exhibition.

The museum is one of three devoted to Canals in Britain, the other two being in Gloucester and Towcester. Enjoy the snaps...

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