Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Testing my new Camera

I recently bought a Kodak V705. It is actually small enough to slip into a pocket. It is also unusual in that it has two lenses- a regular zoom one (giving 39mm to 117mm) and an ultra-wide angle 23mm one. As I enjoy taking pictures of interesting buildings (particularly Theatres andCinemas), I thought I'd nip into town and try it out. I have to say that I'm very impressed, here are the results.

Our proudest civic asset is the Town Hall, opened in 1895 and now used by Morley Town Council.It is a Grade One listed building and the clock tower stands proudly 160 feet above the Town. This is ultra-wide angle mode (23mm equivalent)from directly opposite at street level.

This is widest on the normal lens, 39mm. This imposing Colonnade leads to the ceremonial entrance.

I've zoomed in to about 50mm. The pediment is graced by an entablature of Morley life from the 19th Century. It apparently includes Morley Train tunnel, although it is difficult to spot. let us examine it closer.

This is now at about 100mm. The individual figures can now be made out although we would get much finer detail with a monopod as it is a rather overcast day so the exposure time is overly long. Let us go to the full zoom range, 117mm.

Wow, that is impressive, detail I've never really noticed before. The carvings are an unexpected juxtaposition of nature amongst the man-made trades of mining, weaving and Engineering. (Allegorical, perhaps?). Well, from the road test I'm happy with it, although automatic settings result in some graininess and digital artifacts at lower light levels. I've now realised that exposure correction can be useful where lighting conditions have particular high light/shade contrast.A cautious but satisfied 7.5 out of 10 from me.


james higham said...

Kodak, yes? Most impressive.

Ian said...


I have just realised that th epictures don't entirely do the camera justice, as I nearly always resize webby images down to my screen resolution (which depends on whether I post from the shed PC or the roving laptop, of course.

I do this as force of habit to keep the file size down, a legacy from the days when 100 Meg limit was a massive website. The original images were roughly 1.2 Meg, the scaled ones about 800k.

Liz said...

Impressive camera.

It's strange: I read this bit "graced by an entablature of Morley life " as "graced by an entablature of MONKEY life" at first, then corrected myself, then, what do I see but monkeys?! Spooky.

Ian said...

Liz, I very nearly called this post Monkey Town Hall and put it on Morleygate blog instead.

However, I enjoyed doing it as humour more than as serios.