Monday, March 05, 2007

Beautiful people don't wear headphones...

I've been reading Chip Dale's Diary for a while now, led there by MyBloglog and Corporate Presenter, Jeremy Jacobs.

Chip is a larger than life character- this is his mini-bio:

About Chippy
24, swinger, jiggler, gyrator, gigolo, greasy hipster, babe magnet, blogger, Norse God, Bangor fan, codpiece collector, devout Christian, ex-leper, debt-collector, ab man, purveyor of posing pouches, cowboy, impresario, lead vocalist, meat grinder, leprechaun, Romanian refugee aid worker, load-bearing member.

When you look at his photos, he has the body of a weight lifter, the face of a bank manager and the ponytail of a Unix Guru. His tales are highly entertaining and I really have no idea if he is a persona or is for real.

Anyway, he has been categorising Myblogloggers here but when I remonstrated that I was probably a beautiful person in all but looks, style, image and fatbastardry he has suggested that the headphones have to go. Instead, I have dug out a holiday snapshot taken on a beach in acapulco on the deck of my 40' cutter. Unfortunately, the photo is a little cropped so you can't see Felicity Kendal and Joe Pasquale sunbathing alongside. Sorry about that...

(It is at the bottom of the sidebar, by the way. Technorati can still have the tiny presenter though).


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Ian, Thanks for the link. Much appreciated.

Carry on the good work.

Chippy said...

Of course I'm real! Though people do confuse me with a certain Lib Dem spokesman for Wales.

And let me be the first to say that you look much better without the headphones.

Liz said...

Although you do look as though you should be holding a board with a number on it.

Ian said...

Liz, 24601, perhaps.