Thursday, March 08, 2007


The reason I was so grumpy last night was that I was denied an opportunity to speak on a resolution by what I regarded as a rather untimely move to the vote after minimal discussion. I made it perfectly clear that I wished to speak but the majority of councillors voted in order to prevent me doing so.

The motion was carried with I believe two against- I voted against it because I regarded the motion as seriously flawed, contradictory, inadequately documented, inadequately proposed and hastily disposed of. It also would have been my valedictory speech and I had prepared a real humdinger.

On reflection after a night's sleep, I don't think the rebuttal was aimed at me personally. I imagine the decision to rush to the vote had been made behind closed doors and some of the participants were too foolish to realise that their actions backfired rather spectacularly to the public as it would have looked as though they were trying to freeze me out.

I was ready to resign in disgust last night but Mayor Bob persuaded me to sleep on it. Normally, in the cold light of dawn, the fancy plans of retribution made mentally in the early hours look somewhat over the top but I woke up this morning still angry.

There is an obligation on all Councillors to report any breaches of the Code of Conduct so I carefully read the documentation to see if this had been the case.

Had I been treated with respect? Not in my opinion, no.
Had the council brought itself into disrepute? Probably, in the eyes of the general public present.

As I waded through the turgid website, I realised what a particularly unpleasant quango the Standards Board is, how long-winded their procedures were and how much I don't actually like what they stand for. (It has become a party political pillowcase to include in the armoury of childish point scoring).

Eventually, I found an escape clause- they cannot investigate complaints about the way in which the authority conducts and records its meetings.

At this point, I felt relieved, I didn't have to report anyone at all. I still feel like a bear with a sore head though!

Eight weeks before I'm no longer a Councillor. I can then speak a lot more openly...

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