Friday, March 09, 2007

Blogpower review number one- An insomniac

As part of that loose collective called Blogpower, we are encouraged to review other participant sites, so here goes.

In deciding which ones to choose, I had a dilemma. Blogpower is a broad church and there are some that leave me cold because they talk about stuff that goes over my head such as religion and Classics. If you click on the RSS feed button to the right, you will find An Insomniac all by itself under the left of centre subset.

Now many people assume I am a Tory Boy. I'm not, I believe in both personal and economic freedom. Torys generally are big on economic freedom but are all too keen to interfere in how we live our lives (although there are Libertarian Tories around, if they haven't defected to UKIP).

Traditional Labour, however, believe in freedom of the individual, but want to control the economy on the basis that business is evil.

NeuArbeit, as we know, is big on personal and economic lack of freedom with all of their authoritarian ways. They disguise it by appearing to be big on personal choice (drugs, sex lifestyle, civil partnerships etc.) but they give the game away with ID cards, surveillence, bans on smoking, foxhunting and punitive taxation.

An Insomniac is written by Matt Murell and we don't immediately know too much about him other than he may have a beard and spiky hair. Rooting through the blog archive, he reveals that he is an English Grad, a libertarian left and an atheist. I'm fine with that, I put up with practically everything apart from ignorance, malice and boredom.

His posts are well structured (you'd expect that from an English Graduate!), his topics are broad and he gets good comments, always the sign of a good blog. However, he had a bit of trouble with Blogspot, that classified his content last year as spam-can be recognised by their irrelevant, repetitive or nonsensical text, along with a large number of links, usually all pointing to a single site.

I hope he has got over this unfounded automatic insult!

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy being part of Blogpower, I must spend time visiting all their sites. Well done on your first review, I allow other bloggers from there to post on my site, I have another one contributing tomorrow, it's all very communal.