Saturday, March 31, 2007

Calendar boys- uncovered!

Despite pleadings from the regulars, I feel it is necessary to reveal the high resolution image of my charity stunt. However, I'm going to drag the other eleven down with me as well. So, between now and March next year, I will reveal each Calendar boy in all his pink, hairy glory. (Round Table year runs from April to March due to annual committee elections which you don't want to be doing in December).

I was going to hang on until the dates coincided with real-time, but unfortunately that won't happen until 2031 and as I'll have probably been dead three years by then I think it is only fair that I give the other guys a crack of the whip. April to January are usable in 2008/9, March in 2010 (But February is only 2031 as it is a leap year).

February is a short month of course (which is why I was Mr. February 2004) and you will have forgotten about me when you see March- it is a real Lulu!

(Any Batley Round Tablers who want to persuade me not to put up their pics- Morley Community Radio is looking for sponsors for the next broadcast. It has to be worth at least £100!)

Just to give you a teaser, here is the rear cover.

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Karen said...

Men, eh?

Such a big fuss over such a small thing...