Sunday, March 11, 2007

How very odd...

Whilst putting away my Dinner Jacket towards the back of the wardrobe, I checked my pockets as I knew I had a couple of spare camera batteries there.

I also pulled out a leaflet for the main band last night, a four-piece called Savannah. (I'd link to them, but the given Website URL is broken).

The Band has two female vocalists, a male keyboards player and a male percussionist. All four of them sing.

Whilst we were on the dance floor, one of them introduced a song and became momentarily nonplussed as he admitted he couldn't remember what key it was in, but they just got on with it anyway. However, it was the drummer wot said it! I did go and have a look at his kit to try and work out how he told it what key he was going to drum in.

Now, his drums were electronics, so it is possible that they could be tuned to presets on the fly between songs. Ringo Starr never had that problem though!


james higham said...

This is esoteric, Ian. Drummer's having perfect pitch.

Ian said...

James, if the song had started A capella like, say, fat bottomed girls by Queen, it might have made some sense. Of course, most Bands get round this live by discreetly playing the melody start note (or chord) using subtle distraction such as tuning up or some quasi-improvised backing tinkle to spoken introductions. (I don't know the technical term for it, although "filling in" springs to mind.)