Sunday, March 11, 2007

Having a Ball

Mayor Bob hosted a cracking event in Morley Town Hall last evening, to a sell-out and appreciative audience.

The evening started with a candlelit Champagne reception in the Civic Suite and guests arriving by Taxi or approaching from Queen Street had the rare treat of being able to ascend the stone steps to the portico and enter through the ceremonial entrance.

The room had been dressed up for the occasion with balloons on the tables and four large figurines dressing the stage. You can just about see them in this photo below which was taken whilst people were still taking their places before the announcement of the Mayor's party.

It was a black tie do, which means Dinner-jackets and ballgowns. I translated this to someone beforehand as "Bow Ties and posh frocks" but he must have misunderstood me as I failed to impress on him that the Posh Frocks only needed to apply to the ladies...

The event stopped at Midnight. As we were finishing our drinks, someone snaffled one of the table programmes, gave us a wink and said he would add it to his collection. He then dug out old ones from 1974 and 1961!

I took some snapshots and here is the ticket for the 1974 version, the last event of Morley Borough Council. Note the ticket price- also he informed us that it was a free bar all evening but that is another story...

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Liz Hinds said...

Ooh, I love a man in a kilt!