Saturday, March 24, 2007

Making a splash

David is getting quite good at swimming now. He recently earned his Bronze (after the Leeds Dolphin 1-10 scheme) and is now going onto Silver after Easter.

Today, however, he went to the inflatable session at Morley leisure centre (as well as his regular morning lesson). A huge obstacle course three quarters the length of the pool is provided to bounce over, with a big slide into the deep end. It takes a leap of faith to get onto the thing and if you fall off along the way, you have to rejoin the queue.

We took David's cousin Robert there a long time ago (before David) and it was good to see David be able to navigate it with some difficulty but succeed, much to his personal satisfaction.

There is a school swimming gala on there on Monday and David will be going. He will look like a prune!

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