Monday, March 05, 2007

Mentos from Bilbao...

Ok, so it isn't Eepybird, but when we saw the fabled Mentos sweets in Spain we just had to try them out in some fizzy drink...

(Since then, I've seen Mentos in Bradford. Apparently you can do it with Polos as well!)


Anonymous said...

I love the blog that you have. I was wondering if you would link my blog to yours and in return I would do the same for your blog. If you want to, my site name is American Legends and the URL is:

If you want to do this just go to my blog and in one of the comments just write your blog name and the URL and I will add it to my site.


Shades said...

David, thanks for your comments. I can see massive potential complimentary synergy between our blogs, i.e. I write about everything apart from sport and that is mostly what you and your team write about.

However, Baseball and Football (U.S. style, rather than soccer) aren't very big in Morley, I'm afraid.

Could this be my first Bungee ruminator?