Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Country houses

I'm a fan of country houses, both the architecture and the scale.

Just a few junctions up the M1 from us is Temple Newsam, now belonging to Leeds City Council.

It doesn't feel very lived in (unlike Chatsworth or Osterley) because it isn't at present and was a hospital for a period so much of the treasures were lost. However, the conservationists painstakingly preserve and recover this amazing big U-shaped house.

This is a view from the current south wing entrance to the north wing, only the centre floor of which is accessible (but is an enormous picture gallery nearly the full length of the house).

This is the south wing from the ornamental garden, which surprisingly is offset from the symmetry of the building, despite being Capability Brown. (Having said that, the grounds are extensive and roll over the countryside without the nearby motorway being obviously intrusive).

The west wing boasts a cupola, although the bell was in the lobby of the main staircase last year.

Photography was only by prior arrangement, but I did sneak a shot of the secondary stone staircase as I rather liked the geometry.

I also liked this weathercock on the very substantial stable block.

Down on the farm, this building held a surprise:-

It was the former Dovecote and was full of Perches!

The grounds are used extensively for events and one had just finished. There must have been a lot of people there...

(Daddy, are all of those toilets full of Poo?)


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Great photos, Ig! And the one of "poo sheds" rather endearingly reminds me why I like my own, eccentric country. That's an observant child you've got there!

Delicolor said...

I forgot to mention it in the prose- the rooftop balustrade facing the courtyard has a large and very prominent inscription. If you click on the first photo you can read some of it. I've just found a refernece on 'tinternet:

All glory and praise be given to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost on high: Peace on Earth: Goodwill to men: Honor and true allegiance to our gracious King: Loving affection amongst his subjects: Health and Plenty within this house.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

If ever in the Midlands, may I recommend;
Harvington Hall, Worcs.
Coughton Court, Warks.

Little gems, both.

Delicolor said...

CBI, thanks for the tips.

Colin Campbell said...

They just don't build them like they used to. I wonder what the power bill and the rates would be if you lived in it. Not forgetting the vaccuuming and polishing. A nasty thought.