Saturday, March 03, 2007

Tingles down the spine...

I've just noticed that I have broken my template by turning on post links- the recent posts/index has gone walkabout and the links mucks up the banner. Still never mind.

Liz commented here about songs that give you a tingle. Last night at the York Grand it was tingle city. I never realised that Graham Gouldman of 10CC had written many songs of my childhood like Bus Stop, For your love and no milk today. I had forgotten that Kiki Dee sang songs like "Armoureuse" (What do I do to make you love me?) and "I got the music in me".

I had also forgotten how clever 10CC songs were and how effortlessly they could be performed by a cracking team of talented musicians.

For another spine tingler, check out the song beautiful written by Gouldman and Godley together last year. The words are here.

I heard it in the car last night and thought it was delightful. I've now found another two verses online as the album had the edited version. You can hear a tiny snippet here and it is well worth the 99p for eight minutes of lush piano (with Hammond backing) and the wonderful voice of Godley sounding a lot like Errol Brown. It is more than eight minutes long and I must have played it more than ten times today with a tingling spine and a certain mostness in the eyes.

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