Monday, July 02, 2007

The truth behind BlogPowerGate

A certain Chip Dale has been putting it around that I gave him a piece of anatomy during the blogpower awards. (It is buried in his Free Bryan Appleyard (one with every Premier Second Life account) campaign).

It was patently obvious from his avatar that he had all the pose value of Cliff Richard in Summer Holiday (even with the aid of two golf balls). I asked him if he had considered getting himself some tackle but he said he had no money. (Obviously waiting for that book deal to come to fruition). So, feeling of a generous disposition, I had a rummage through my inventory, where I had a spare penis given to me by Bag Ranter. (It was a very typical penis, you could give it to as many people as you wanted but you still got to keep it afterwards! ;->)

I had been advised by Bag that it was better than his real one, as it had three settings. I can't say that I had actually played with it to explore the possibilities but as I gave it to Chipster, I suggested he save it until after the awards. Chip being Chip, however, he immediately activated it, although rather than attach it in the proper place he selected wear and Second Life decided to place it on his arm joint.

I wish I had given him a pair of buttocks, so that I could have made the witty observation that he didn't know his arse from his elbow.

The real shocker from the whole sorry affair, though, is that Chipster wasn't wearing a thong at all. He was wearing what looked suspiciously like M&S Knickers.

Just to put the post back on track, here is the pre-awards drinkers posing for a photo opportunity...

...and here is Bag's tactical nuclear deterrent.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Oh, so that's what it was all about! I enjoyed meeting you and Mrs Deli, Deli, and I still wanna hat like yours! Auguri

Big Chip Dale said...

Damn you and your insufferable lies. It was as close to a thong as I could get on limited resources. I even designed myself a proper awards thong only to then discover that I had to pay money (real world money) to upload it to Second Life. Well, I wasn't having anything to do with that because I didn't intend on wearing it for long. As soon as I went up on stage, my underwear came off.

As to the penis, the less said about that the better. It was the second oddest gift I've ever been given by another man (we won't go into the first). To be accurate about it: at first it wasn't on my elbow but appeared on my head. I thought it some insulting joke until I realised I could attach it to different parts of my body. The elbow was a mistake. It also crashed my machine, which hasn't been right since.

There... I'm so glad that the truth is finally out.

Colin Campbell said...

Hilarious. Has Tom's bar been renamed the Blogpower Arms. We could arrange to meet on a weekly basis in order to develop sufficient material for a blog post in the coming weeks.

I was interested to read the Mr Angry Stuff about your non PC postings on spastics and the like. Those terms were so normal when I was younger. I laughed at the PC lecturing. As you said, I can understand where they are coming from, but this is your blog and they can just fuck right off if they don't like it.