Sunday, July 01, 2007

Blogpower Awards!

After a couple of Second Life freezing hiccups, the awards ceremony passed quickly and with good humour, attended by many Blogpowerers and others.

When I went up to collect my award, I seriously overshot, managed to end up out on the balcony and bumped into everyone getting back. Then, to top it all, I accidentally pumped instead of bowed, due to nerves ;->. (we must ask Jeremy Jacobs how he deals with Podium Flatulance).

Here I am, posing for the camera in the airship bar afterwards.
Well done, James and Tom!


youdontknowme said...

Hope you had a fun time. My computer is too slow for it. Tried 3 times this week

Delicolor said...

Bad luck YDKM. You would have been welcome there, it was good fun.

Big Chip Dale said...

I look damn sexy to the right of that picture. And I have to thank you for your generous gift of genitals. I put them on, they appeared on my elbow, and then crashed my machine, bringing the whole event to a glorious end.

james higham said...

More thanks to Tom I feel.