Thursday, July 12, 2007

Data protection

There was a bit of fuss on the news yesterday, about how badly business take care of our personal data. By a stroke of irony, I was asked to fill in a business satisfaction survey online for one of the big four Mobile operators. When I clicked on the URL, I found the (none too favourable) comments of the previous respondent!

I'm happy to provide personal data at my own discretion- unless it is for something that will work out very dodgy indeed.


CityUnslicker said...

The issue is what people do with your data. it is for example quite frightening to me to get an Oyster card in London. The data is ekpt to store your every public transport move for months....with no explanation.

Wolfie said...

Then there's the 3rd World countries we out-source our private banking data to, knee-deep in corruption from the top to the bottom.

It will all end in tears, mark my words.

Shades said...

CityUnslicker, I believe you can get a cash only Oster Card anonymously but probably not for long.