Friday, July 13, 2007

Some miscellaneous images

It seems I have more than 26,000 images on my hard drive, although most of them are from Office and Paintshop. I did have a rummage though, and came up with these: 13 pictures for Friday 13th.

This Lady watches serenely at Blackpool Grand.

The Doncaster Gaumont bracket handle lighting Board backstage.

The renowned Bergen Warehouses.

BloggerWife Karen at Alnwick Garden.

Sumo wrestlers at Efteling.

Richmond Kinema panorama shot (Odeon Screen 1) Not my image.

Temporary toilets at Theatre Royal Newcastle

Lobby ceiling Detail TRN.

The Alnwick tree house.

Morris Dancers on St. Georges Day, Morley.

An Elgar Cartouche at Blackpool Tower.

Wet sponge treatment for Morley F.M.

Morley's Scatcherd Park looking striking in Spring.


Lord Straf-Bilderberg said...

26 000! And I thought I had a few!

Shades said...

...but most of mine aren't photos, they are cliparty stuff saved as .jpg