Saturday, July 07, 2007

Going for Gold

David enjoys swimming and has been having lessons for a number of years, working through his various Leeds Dolphin badges (from a Tiddler to a Barracuda). At Easter he got his ASA Challenge Bronze badge and last week he qualified for his Silver (after only one term, helped by his long arms and legs). He didn't get a certificate, however, as the instructor didn't have any of the yellow slips handy. Today he got a scribbled note on his class transfer slip but reception were out of stock (awaiting delivery). David was laid back about it but I did see a couple of disappointed small faces as children do enjoy a sense of achievement.

Having said that, children are also perceptive enough to know when certificates don't celebrate achievement at all, but are of the "all shall have prizes" variety. He received a "highly commended" certificate signed by the Lord Mayor for a poster entry he did for Leeds in Bloom but seemed surprisingly blase' about it. This was because he had worked out that everyone else he knew who had entered had been highly commended as well...

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