Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hug a Cinema

My ISP email is giving me big problems at the moment. However, via the web interface, I caught a glimpse of an event happening on Saturday week.

The BORG are organising a protest in Bradford where everyone that turns up will surround the building and give it a hug, showing the Bradford Development bods that it is a still much loved building despite them wilfully neglecting it.

I've blogged about the building before here which includes links to lots of internal photos.

It will take a huge number of people to surround the building (as it is huge)and it could potentially be a big flop, particularly if it is chucking it down. However, it could be a huge success if local feeling is really strong on this.

Now if the building was private property, I'd be of the view that it is entirely up to the owner to decide what to do it. However, it actually belongs to Yorkshire Forward, the Regional Development Agency (not with the intention of restoring it, of course!)
I'll post up the blurb when I manage to download the email.

UPDATE: now downloaded. I actually noticed these posters on the outside of the Odeon yesterday but couldn't see what they were.


Lord Straf-Dresden said...

Hug a cinema? Er ... right. I see.

Colin Campbell said...

You Bloody Bradford Brick Building Hugger You.

Delicolor said...

I suppose it is a bit like "Hug a Hoodie".

We're not hugging by the way, we won't have time that day. I'll be there in spirit, which is no frigging use at all to the cause, I'm afraid.