Friday, July 13, 2007

The things children write...

Today David brought all his (school) work books home. It seems a little premature as there are still four days left at school, although Thursday is "toy day" but not of the electronic variety.

(I used to love taking stuff in on the last day of term, Ker-Plunk, Mouse Trap, Ouija Board...)

Flicking through the book you are reminded of the world through a child's eyes. I liked his rule of the house.

"Bedtime at 7:30pm on school nights
Don't get presents out of the cupboard at Christmas
Put on my school uniform tidily
Don't push my Dad on the big bed
Eat Celery
Do my homework on Saturdays
Be good in class
Go to MacDonalds twice a year"

He is also trying to trick me into revealing the rude (Rugby Song) words to the Yogi Bear song I didn't actually realise there was a clean version!


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Nice rules. I thought I'd heard all rugby songs but I don't kow this one!

Shades said...

I've never actually heard Rugby players sing Rugby songs. I recall a very nicely done "One Black one, one white one" in three part harmony on a coach once...