Sunday, July 08, 2007

Thanks James...

I'm putting this up here because I can't get it up in my sidebar by deep linking.

(I was one of several million guest posters whilst he took a short break).

Mr. Higham seems to be renaming his blog every time the whimsy takes him. He has also renamed himself Lord Straf Dresden as well, that threw me the first time I saw a comment of his- I thought who the f*** is that, he seems to know me?


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Yes, why is he doing that? Also, Deli, if you can't get that badge into your sidebar, I know I have absolutely no hope of getting one into mine!

Shades said...

Welshcakes, I think he picked up on us playing with the post names while he was away and is having a chuckle himself.

I got the image in the sidebar by loading it as a picture, I just didn't expect to have had to do that.

Colin Campbell said...

I thought maybe he was on psychotic mind altering drugs at first. Entertaining all the same.



Shades said...

Ostenatious, obsequious, oblivion, Osamabinladen, orrible little man...