Monday, July 30, 2007

Escaping the ordinary

Bradford STIR was a four day event taking place this weekend and we briefly touched on it in our travels. As we passed through the main square, a silent rave was taking place, people dancing to apparently nothing.
They all had headphones and were listening to BCB Radio, the music being mixed from the milk float in front of the town hall.

A number of these strange structures were scattered around. They had been a former art installation along the length of the M62 at motorway service stations. Visitors could write a message onto thin metal sheet and tie them on with a ribbon to form a shrine to anything anyone wanted it to be. This one was near a number of art stands near the former police station where lots of interesting works were on display and could be bought.

Lots of curious things were going on in the St. Georges Hall scattered all round the building. The event was called 12 squared and it was to turn into a Gig in the evening. I snapped a shot of the ceiling on long exposure under various wiggly lights. (It might have been an installation, but it looked pretty standard fare to me, not doing anything particularly innovative)

In the Circle Bar, I found Being 747 performing Amoeba TO Zebra. It was too loud for David so I didn't have time to work out if it was good, clever or just cak. (The introductory video & spiel sounded a bit pretentious but it could have been irony, they seem to get good reviews).
Meanwhile, the hug the Odeon event has been airbrushed from history, all the chalked messages of support have been painted out. All of the canopies have been cut off and the large signograph structure has also been dismantled. (Good job really, it was becoming a hazard). The building is now revealed looking what it was when it opened, other than that doorway cut in below the upper windows so the projectionists could change the fluorescent tubes. There is a bit of a tide mark, though!


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Nice pics of Bradfors [where I have never been]. I like the idea of the messages on those arty "strange structures".

Shades said...

The shrines all had a hole in so that you could look through them. If you zoom in on the picture, you can just about read the blurb about it.