Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Wireless Wanderings

I was down to London Olympia today for a meeting starting up a Mobility Special Interest group for the CMA

I travelled down by GNER, who had managed to put out all of the reservation tickets in a random order in my coach, causing a lot of confusion and consternation. They also didn't seem to feel the need to heat it either, although it was just about passable being somewhat full.

The train arrived at 10:21, a few minutes early, which was interesting in that my ticket forebade me to arrive in Lundon before 10:20! I take it they don't enforce it on trains arriving early, or maybe the situation has never arisen...

I knew that Malcolm Matson was doing a keynote session and was keen to hear him speak, haven thoroughly enjoyed his presentation at an awards dinner last summer in the impressive setting of the natural history museum (the new bit, the one with the rocks, not the bones). I joined the event half way through another speaker, Tony Fish, who presented a very thought provoking view of the future. Unfortunately, his website is broken without using IE6, apparently he blogs within something called wireless.ecademy but I don't know if free registration gets you there.

I managed to get an early train back but the only seats left were up front with the snoutcasts so Karen will no doubt tell me I smell like an ashtray.

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