Sunday, April 17, 2005

The independent PPC speaks...

Well, speaks to me via the medium of word & image. Here is his leaflet, a light green photocopied A4 flyer. If you click on it you can read it for yourself.

Independent flyer

What are his themes? Down the left, selling the concept of how Independents are good for Parliament, also the poor showing by the Labour people at Morley Police Forum meetings. There is a little white lie there, I have been to two and he was late for one of them (due to meeting hopping). It might be a 100% tick in the box but he obviously didn't attend all of the mettings recorded by duration rather than by event.

Down the right hand side, tough on crime & yobbism, thumbs up there. It also mentions he has a manifesto, a slightly meaningless concept for a one man party based on the wikipedia definition snip:

political parties prepare electoral manifestoes which set out both their strategic direction and outlines of prospective legislation should they win sufficient support in an election to serve in government.

Robert is never going to form a Government of course, but could have influence in a hung Parliament.

Let us move on to the flip side.

Independent flyer

"No free ride" is a go at those who don't contribute to society, although he bundles developers in with yobs and itinerants, or trespassers which is the PC name for them. I'm not quite certain how developers are getting a free ride by ignoring local resident's views as it is their own property they are developing and whilst it makes sound business sense to talk to your neighbours, I think Robert's views may be coloured by various local schemes that have involved arguments over land allocation. Morley is a desirable place to live (because of location even if local amenities are sometimes lacking) but it is land locked by zoning & green belt so it is inevitable people will make best use of the land they can build on.

He also makes the case that voting independent is the only way to beat Labour. That has certainly been the case at Local Government level but parliament is a different kettle of fish.

On the pledge about work related education, he talks sense about education but fails to explain how he can deliver the programme proposed. As an MP he can mither Government departments and speak his mind (in the same way that he does on Leeds City Council) but he could be a voice in the wilderness. Of course, politicians from any party are voices in the wilderness to a greater or lesser extent and are less able to speak their mind through fear of damaging their party career. The ones who make it to Ministerial level do have significant influence but they then have to abandon their constituency work, something I can't see Robert doing.

He makes a policing pledge to get more Bobbies - but by soaking the rich. Come on, read the Economist. Tax take goes down when you do that. Unfortunately, invoking the green eyed envy of socialism politics probably goes down well in Morley which traditionally votes Labour anyway (or used to up until a few years ago).

His final remark is pointing out the "Tory Boy" is a London Barrister. He does it factually rather than scathingly & I know it is true because the PPC told me himself at the Mayor's Ball last week.

I gather Candidates are entitled to get the Post Office to deliver one item of election material free of charge but that is 47,984 leaflets you need to get to them & apparently they have a vetting team who dictate what they will and won't accept. This will be old hat to the long standing parties but I imagine it is a voyage of discovery for Robert & his campaign team.

Judging from previous MBI campaigns there will be at least one more leaflet in Morley delivered via legwork.

The trouble is the Constituency is Morley & Rothwell, over in Rothwell the voters won't know him from Adam.

I wish him well, but if he does get elected (which is possible but fairly unlikely) then Morley FM is going to lose a good Chairman & there will be more gardening to do around the Town.

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