Monday, April 25, 2005

Our own Tory boy...Nick Vineall

Although I haven't officially had a leaflet yet from the Conservatives, here is the one I scrounged last week off chief Morley Tory, Cllr Paul Jamieson.

Conservative flyer

This appears to be the front. Pick a local issue, yup there it is, post office closures. Promote family values, there he is with three strapping clean looking kids and a Tory Wife. I imagine this is a template as there is a lot of blue space to the right of MORLEY at the top.

I was also curious to notice that his promoter is a Mr. J. Inman..."Shut that door!"

Conservative flyer

Here is the back. A national issue- tuition fees, with a nice picture of Leeds university. Another local issue- "Tingley Travellers". Conservatives would make traveller trespass a criminal offence- why stop at travellers? Much of Morley ASBO behaviour revolves around civil trespass & the owners can't do diddly squat.

Appeal for help- nice photo of Nick with the Jamiesons, "we are a friendly bunch". Yes they are, I've enjoyed deep (but probably incoherent) discussions curtesy of Bacchus with them.

Finally, a cut out & keep poster- "Tony Blair, your time is up". We can but hope...

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