Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Health & Safety

I recently volunteered to be on the premises Committee of our school Governing Body. Yesterday, a couple of us went for a walk around the school with the Head, looking out for hazards. Real ones, you understand, not cotton-wool cladding for rampant bottom covering nanny-stateism.

On our rounds, we passed through David's year Group and he gave us all a wave.

Later on in the day, I picked him up & was driving home when we asked what I had been doing at the school. I explained it was a health & safety visit.

"Well Dad, it wasn't very healthy after you left"

"What do you mean?"

Well, it wasn't very safe either, because the board fell down."

"What, The blackboard?"

"No, the whiteboard. It went all wobbly then went with a bang & broke the light as well."

"Gosh, was anybody hurt?" (knowing how small the classrooms are).

"No, cos we had all ran away by then!"

David is 7, going on 42...

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