Sunday, April 03, 2005

The wedding Woof

This was a little big woof, i.e. it caused uproar on our table & quizical looks from the rest of the guests.

My long standing friend (& best man) Dave Domoney, claims to retell this story at public speaking engagements. Knowing him, he probably adds a lot of embellishment and panache to it whilst remaining seriously cool thoughout.

Scene- a hotel on the south coast, Wedding of Dave (slap-headed smart bloke & all round good egg but a bit Dwayne Dibbleyish) and Liz (nice but scary dominatrix, eater of the backs of other people's easter eggs). Guests have had the aperatif and have now taken their places for the sit-down meal. Soup is served and we all start eating. Grey then notices something unexpected on the top table- there is a vacant chair to the right of the bride and a portrait sized picture frame at the place setting. It appears to be a middle aged man in uniform.

Grey nudges Domoney & points this out, asking whether Liz's father has departed this earth. Apparently so, he had died a few years back. Short discussion on this and how it was a nice personal touch that a full place had been set for him and the chair left vacant. Short reflection. Grey says "So I suppose that means he is here with us in spirit looking on proudly, although he won't be able to enjoy the meal". After a moment of introspection and an extra pause for comic timing, out comes the innocuous remark:

"Do you think he would mind if I had his bread roll?"

Cue sprays of soup!

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